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Fouad WhatsApp Download Latest Version APK 2024 | Official

Latest version: V10.10 | Official website:
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Fouad WhatsApp, a modified version of the original WhatsApp, comes loaded with a plethora of additional features to improve your chatting experience. Download Fouad WhatsApp for your Android device, unlocking a world of exclusive features that bid farewell to the constraints of the original WhatsApp. If you are still using the Fouad WhatsApp old version and wish to explore more new features, we strongly recommend downloading Fouad Mods WhatsApp update version. Click the button below to easily download Fouad WhatsApp latest and indulge in the array of new features.

Fouad WhatsApp New Version 2024

The Fouad WhatsApp developers are committed to resolving bugs and regularly introducing new features. This guarantees users access to the latest improvements, making Fouad WhatsApp latest version an excellent choice for those seeking a superior messaging app. In Fouad WhatsApp 2024, you’ll find enhanced privacy options, unique customization features, and advanced functionalities, all meticulously designed to meet diverse user needs and ensure an enriched messaging experience.

Fouad WhatsApp New Version

What’s New in Fouad WhatsApp Latest APK

With each subsequent update, the application undergoes multiple modifications to enhance the user experience. It is crucial to stay informed about the additions in the Fouad WhatsApp download APK latest version to ensure you are benefiting from the latest features and improvements. Below, you’ll find the changelog for the Fouad WhatsApp new version:

  • Ghost mode has been added to enhance privacy control.
  • Custom media download control has been added for each chat.
  • WhatsApp old UI style has been added.
  • The feature “See Message Edit History” has been added.
  • An option to show/hide the ghost mode icon has been added.
  • Added anti-ban improvements.
  • Allow multiple accounts on the same device.
  • Enable the ability to adjust group permissions.
  • Enabled the new settings user interface.
  • Enabled the option to add an email address to your account.
  • Enabled to approve new group members before they join.
  • Enabled Media Preview feature.
  • Enabled Return original tabs order.
  • Fixed custom privacy settings in business chats.
  • Fixed Date Bubble not showing clearly when scrolling.
  • Fixed the color of the screen share button in calls.
  • Resolved an issue where some text was not visible on the white theme during calls.

Fouad WhatsApp APK Download Anti Ban

Fouad WhatsApp consistently enhances its functionality with each update. Hence, it is essential to obtain the latest WhatsApp Fouad APK to ensure you have access to these improvements. You can acquire Fouad WhatsApp latest APK from our website, as it’s virus-free, ad-free, and anti-ban. To download Fouad WhatsApp no ads without any risk of being banned, simply click the button below.

App NameFouad WhatsApp
Size75.8 MB
Last UpdatedOne Day Ago
RequirementAndroid 5.0 and up

How is Fouad WhatsApp 2024 Different from Original WhatsApp

Fouad WhatsApp App offers a diverse range of practical features that are not available in the original WhatsApp. The app surpasses the functional limitations of traditional WhatsApp and caters to the needs of users who desire enhanced features. We have included a comparison chart below that showcases the features of both applications.

FeatureFouad WhatsAppOriginal WhatsApp
Privacy & Security Options
Airplane Mode
Freeze Last Seen
Who Can Call Me
WhatsApp Lock
Hide Blue Tick
Hide Online Status
Hide Typing/Recording
Enhanced Messaging
Mass Message Sender
Automatic Reply
Message Scheduler
Anti-Delete Messages
Filter Messages
Custom Options
Multiple Themes
Fonts Style
Icon Change
Bubble and Ticks
EMOJI Variant
Chat Wallpaper
Media Sharing
Video/Audio File Size1GB16MB
Image Share LimitMaximum 100Only 30
Convert Video to GIF30 Seconds6 Seconds
Video Status Limit5 Minutes30 Seconds
Broadcast1024 Contacts256 Contacts
Status Characters Limit255 Characters50 Characters

Fouad WhatsApp and Original WhatsApp are messaging apps created for connecting with others. The table highlights significant functional differences. Developed by FouadMods, Fouad WhatsApp introduces extra features and customization, providing a feature-rich chat experience. If you want to enjoy feature-rich messaging experience, just click the Fouad WhatsApp update download button.

Key Features of Fouad WhatsApp Updated Version

Privacy & Security Features

WhatsApp Lock

The “App Lock” feature provides users with the ability to set Pattern or PIN lock on their WhatsApp, ensuring that their conversations and data remain private and protected from unauthorized access.

Who Can Call Me

“Who Can Call Me” is a unique feature in Fouad WhatsApp Android that gives users choose to receive calls only from their contacts, or select specific contacts who are allowed to call them. This empowers users to manage their call privacy.

Freeze Last Seen

This feature allows users to control their last seen status, giving them the flexibility to display a specific last seen time without being online. This enhances privacy and offers a convenient way to manage status visibility.

Hide Online Status

The “Hide Online Status” feature of Fouad WhatsApp latest gives users added privacy by letting them conceal their online activity. With this functionality, individuals can discreetly manage their visibility and online presence.

Hide Blue Tick

It allows users to disable the read receipts, providing greater privacy. This option lets individuals read messages without notifying the sender, offering a more discreet and flexible messaging experience.

Messaging Enhancements

Auto Reply

Users can configure automatic responses for incoming messages using the “Auto Reply” feature in Fouad WhatsApp without ads. This capability proves particularly handy for notifying contacts about unavailability or sending quick replies without manual input.

Mass Message Sender

The “Mass Message Sender” feature enhances communication convenience by enabling users to send messages to multiple contacts. This efficient functionality simplifies group messaging, streamlining the overall communication process.

Message Scheduler

Users can schedule messages for future delivery with this feature, ensuring timely communication. It enables individuals to plan and automate messages, enhancing both convenience and flexibility.

Anti-Delete Messages

This feature in Fouad WhatsApp 2024 ensures that others cannot delete a sent message for you. If someone sends you a message and promptly deletes it, with this feature enabled, the message will not be deleted for you.

Filter Messages

Fouad WhatsApp offers powerful message filters for efficient organization. Users can sort messages by criteria such as read/unread, starred, and archived, enabling easy navigation through messages.

Customization Options

Multiple Themes

The WhatsApp provides users with the flexibility to choose from a variety of themes, allowing them to personalize the app’s visual appearance to suit their preferences.

Different Fonts

Users can enhance their messaging experience by selecting from various fonts, adding a touch of individuality to their text and making conversations more personalized.

EMOJI Variant

Fouad WhatsApp App offers an array of emoji variants, enabling users to express themselves uniquely through a diverse set of emoticons and enhance the overall emotive quality of their messages.

Bubble and Ticks

This option allows users to customize chat bubbles and message ticks, giving them the ability to tailor the visual elements of their conversations for a more personalized and aesthetically pleasing experience.

Additional Functions

Send HD Media Files

Fouad WhatsApp latest version facilitates the sending of high-definition media files, ensuring that users can share and receive images and videos with superior visual quality.

Hide Media from Gallery

Users can maintain privacy by hiding media files sent or received through Fouad WhatsApp from the device’s gallery, offering a discreet way to manage and view shared content.

Download Status

The application allows users to download and save status updates shared by their contacts, providing an easy way to keep cherished moments and media.

Anti Ban

This feature in Fouad WhatsApp 2024 new version enhances user security by minimizing the risk of being banned, offering a stable and reliable messaging experience without the concerns of account restrictions.

Fouad WhatsApp Screenshots


Guide To Download Fouad WhatsApp Anti Virus

Our website provides virus-free Fouad WhatsApp APK, you can get the latest version of the APK file from the download button below. Read our step-by-step guide to download Fouad WhatsApp anti ban. Our guides will simplify the process for you, whether you’re installing an APK file or configuring your account. Now, let’s begin!

Enable “Unknown Sources”: As Fouad WhatsApp 2024 is a third-party application, it is recommended to allow your phone to install applications from unknown sources. Access the security settings on your smartphone and enable the “Unknown Sources” option.

Install Fouad WhatsApp APK: After downloading the APK file, go to your phone’s download folder, and tap on the file to initiate the installation. Proceed by following the on-screen instructions to finalize the installation process.

Set Up Your Account: Upon completing the installation, launch the application and initiate the account setup process by entering your mobile number. Subsequently, you will receive an SMS containing a verification code; input the code to confirm and verify your account.

FAQs about Fouad WhatsApp 2024

Q1: Is Fouad WhatsApp safe?

Fouad WhatsApp poses no threat to your Android device; it is devoid of viruses and ads. Feel confident installing it without worrying about the security of your phone. Our application is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable chatting experience.

Q2: Do I have to pay to download Fouad WhatsApp latest APK?

Download Fouad WhatsApp on your Android smart phone doesn’t require any payment. The application is offered at no cost, providing you with the opportunity to experience its new features without any expenditure.

Q3: How do I update Fouad WhatsApp new version?

Simply subscribe to our website. We offer the latest version of the Fouad WhatsApp APK. To ensure your Fouad WhatsApp is up to date, simply go to our website and locate the download button.

Q4: Can I use Fouad WhatsApp along with the original WhatsApp?

Certainly, you have the option to download Fouad WhatsApp alongside the original WhatsApp on your device. Fouad WhatsApp is designed to be compatible with the original WhatsApp, allowing you to have both applications installed and use them concurrently. Please note that when using both apps simultaneously, it’s essential to use different accounts.

Q5: How to perform backup in Fouad WhatsApp App?

To perform a backup in Fouad WhatsApp, access the universal settings within the application. Search for the “Backup and Restore” option, then choose “Backup” to start the process. Follow any on-screen instructions to finalize the backup.

Q6: Is it possible to download videos or images from Fouad WhatsApp updated version?

Certainly, you can effortlessly download videos and images from Fouad WhatsApp. The application features a built-in “download status” function, eliminating the necessity for additional software that might consume your phone’s RAM.

Q7: Can I use the video call feature in Fouad WhatsApp?

Yes, Fouad WhatsApp supports the video call feature. You can make video calls seamlessly using this application, enhancing your communication experience with friends and family.


At, our commitment is to offer you the ultimate experience with the renowned WhatsApp mod—Fouad WhatsApp. On this site, we have provided the Fouad Mod WhatsApp APK download latest version. Don’t hesitate to save this website for future Fouad WhatsApp new version download. Feel free to reach out to us here if you have any suggestions or inquiries.

Summing Up

Downloading Fouad WhatsApp latest version 2024 will pique your interest. It serves as a robust communication tool, providing a diverse range of features and customization options. With its capacity for customization, improved messaging, and media sharing, it has become one of the most utilized messaging applications. We strongly recommend updating your Fouad WhatsApp download 2021 APK to the latest version, enhancing your account security, and gaining access to additional new features.

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